Tips for Staying Warm During Holiday Season Shows

With some of the recent rules changes*, thought we'd pass along some Tips for staying warm during this magical Holiday Season with us:

1. Dress in Layers - lots of them - long underwear is highly recommended - pretend you are heading out on the arctic tundra and you'll have a better day
2. Multiple layers of wool socks (wool stays warm even if it gets wet)
3. Winter Hats and Gloves
4. Keep moving - exercise a bit here and there - your body naturally produces heat with movement and exercise
5. Don't hesitate to bring blankets for any times where you are just sitting around
6. A thermos or tumbler with heat retaining properties and a hot drink

Also **The Electric Rechargeable Handwarmers and Heated Socks/Insoles have become highly recommended by multiple sources - advisable to consider picking some up. 

We may even buy a bunch in case anyone wants some.
Placing multiple of the Hand Warmers in pockets can help keep you warm and you can reach in to your jacket's relevant pockets whenever you need to warm your hands up

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