Pricing, Calendar and Map

2023 Space & Service Pricing

Space Prices are for Empty 10' x 10' Space for Full 2 Day (Sat/Sun) Market Weekends - (3 Day Pricing in Parenthesis for Select Markets)

Flex Space $175 - the standard option - open to being placed anywhere, with your no complaining about placement promise :) ($235 for 3 Day Mkts)

Area Select Space $140-235 - prefer a certain area - see color coded map at bottom - entitles one to pick which section of the market they will be placed in ($199-299 for 3 Day Mkts) - Sat/Sun 2 Day Pricing Below

  • Red: $235 
  • Blue, Purple, Pink: $215
  • Orange : $140 

Preferred Space $260 many veterans understand the value of a premier space in the highest traffic/corner spots etc… you pick not just your section but your actual booth number, along with a limited number of other creators who also get to pick in a sequence ($340 for 3 Day)

Fine Art Space $99 (painters, sculptors... fine art only with approval)

Most Weekends also have a limited number of one day options also (we limit these and prefer that most bookings be for full weekends): Saturday Only: $120, Sunday Only: $75, Friday Night Market Only: $69

Tent Service $45 we provide the tent for you for the full weekend show if you don't have one that meets specs (tents are required) (yes it's the same price for 1, 2 or 3 days - it's a service fee)

Weight Service $20 we provide all required weights for the tent if you don't have them (weights are required ~140 lbs or ~35x4) (yes it's the same price for 1, 2 or 3 days - it's a service fee) if you have weights but not enough you can still bring them but be advised not having enough weight will often result in us force placing needed weights with appropriate pro-rated fees due.

We do NOT offer tables or chairs in any official way, while sometimes we can come up with something in a pinch, it's not a standard part of the market and in no way guaranteed. Booth fees are for empty space.

2023 Calendar as it stands (subject to change with 10 days notice) - Markets are planned for All listed weekends.

March 3-5 (Fri Night Included)

March 11-12

March 18-19 

March 25-26 

April 1-2 

April 7-9 *Easter weekend (Fri Night Included)

April 15-16

o April 22-23

o Apr 29-30

o May 5-7 (Fri Night Included)

o May 13-14 *Mother’s Day 

o May 20-21

o May 27-29 *Memorial Day (Mon Included)

o June 2-4 (Fri Night Included)

o June 10-11

o June 17-18 *Father’s Day 

o June 24-25

o July 1-2 

o July 7-9 (Fri Night Included)

o July 15-16

o July 22-23

o July 29-30

o Aug 4-6 (Fri Night Included)

o Aug 12-13

o Aug 19-20

o Aug 26-27

o Sept 1-4 *Labor Day weekend 4 Days! Friday-Monday

o Sept 9-10

o Sept 16-17

o Sept 23-24  (Sept 23 Late Load-in likely*)

o Sept 30-Oct 1

o Oct 6-8 (Fri Night Included)

o Oct 14-15 (Oct 14 Late Load-in likely*)

o Oct 21-22 (No Creators Market)

o Oct 29 *conflicting event tentatively scheduled on Oct 28

o Nov 4-5 (Nov 4 Late Load-in likely*19th St. Closed)

o Nov 11-12

o Nov 18-19

o Nov 25-26 *weekend after Thanksgiving

o Dec 1-3 (Fri Night Included)

o Dec 9-10

o Dec 16-17

o Dec 23-24 *Christmas Eve

Pending final approval*

*** Schedule Subject to change with one weeks’ notice *** Map of Market Booth Spaces and Areas Below

*Late Load ins will vary based on previous event clearing the space and will still allow for sufficient market hours (often with a slight discount in price)