Pricing, Calendar and Map

2023 Space & Service Pricing

Space Prices are for Empty 10' x 10' space for Full 2 Day Market Weekends (3 Day Pricing in Parenthesis for Select Markets)

Flex Space $175 - open to being placed anywhere, with your no complaining about placement promise :) ($235 for 3 Day Mkts)

Area Select Space $140-235 - prefer a certain area - let us know which - see color coded map to pick red, blue, purple, pink, or orange area ($199-299 3 Day)

Preferred Space $260 many veterans understand the value of a premier space in the highest traffic/corner spots etc… you pick your booth number, along with a few other creators who also get to pick in a sequence ($340 for 3 Day)

Fine Art Space $99 (painters, sculptors... fine art only with approval)

Tent Service $45 we provide the tent for you for the full weekend show if you don't have one that meets specs (tents are required) (yes it's the same price for 1, 2 or 3 days - it's a service fee)

Weight Service $20 we provide all required weights for the tent if you don't have them (weights are required ~140 lbs or 35x4) (yes it's the same price for 1, 2 or 3 days - it's a service fee)

2023 Calendar as it stands (subject to change with 10 days notice) - Markets are planned for All listed weekends.

March 3-5 (Fri Night Included)

March 11-12

March 18-19 

March 25-26 

April 1-2 

April 7-9 *Easter weekend (Fri Night Included)

April 15-16

o April 22-23

o Apr 29-30

o May 5-7 (Fri Night Included)

o May 13-14 *Mother’s Day weekend

o May 20-21

o May 27-28 *Memorial Day weekend

o June 2-4 (Fri Night Included)

o June 10-11

o June 17-18 *Father’s Day weekend

o June 24-25

o July 1-2 *Independence Day weekend

o July 7-9 (Fri Night Included)

o July 15-16

o July 22-23

o July 29-30

o Aug 4-6 (Fri Night Included)

o Aug 12-13

o Aug 19-20

o Aug 26-27

o Sept 1-3 *Labor Day weekend (Fri Night Included)

o Sept 9-10

o Sept 16-17

o Sept 23-24  (Sept 23 Late Load-in likely*)

o Sept 30-Oct 1

o Oct 6-8 (Fri Night Included)

o Oct 14-15 (Oct 14 Late Load-in likely*)

o Oct 21-22 (No Creators Market)

o Oct 29 *conflicting event tentatively scheduled on Oct 28

o Nov 4-5 (Nov 4 Late Load-in likely*)

o Nov 11-12

o Nov 18-19

o Nov 25-26 *weekend after Thanksgiving

o Dec 1-3 (Fri Night Included)

o Dec 9-10

o Dec 16-17

o Dec 23-24 *Christmas Eve

Pending final approval*

*** Schedule Subject to change with one weeks’ notice *** Map of Market Booth Spaces and Areas Below

*Late Load ins will vary based on previous event clearing the space and will still allow for sufficient market hours (often with a slight discount in price)