Rules, Regulations & Procedures

  1. This Market is different from many of the other markets or shows Vendor may attend. We  operate in a highly developed and manicured area. You will need to read, be familiar with, and  be willing to comply with all the rules and regulations before coming out. 
  1. After acceptance to a specific weekend, a paid fee for the Market gives the vendor a 10ft.x10ft.  space at a location chosen by the Organizer, though preferred space purchasers may pick their  space. Spaces are generally assigned the day of the market (except for some cases of preferred  space purchasers). The space may be anywhere on Atlantic Station premises at Organizer's  discretion, and will generally be near Atlantic Green or the streets adjoining it, unless noted  otherwise, or in the event of space conflicts with other events.  
  1. Please note that each and every weekend is a curated show and Market space is in high  demand. Organizer may select and curate each weekend's show at their sole discretion of what  is best for that show. Vendor must have a notice of acceptance for that particular weekend  before paying to have secured a space. Payments made without an acceptance letter for a  specific weekend will be considered Unauthorized Payments, and may either be refunded  immediately or held in a TBD status until we decide the lineup for that show. Unauthorized  Payments may be refunded at any time by us or upon your timely request according to  cancelation notice requirements laid out elsewhere in this agreement, or they may be accepted  later at our choosing. Unauthorized payments do not entitle you to market space. Payments after receiving an acceptance letter DO entitle you to a space as per terms noted below and subject to  correspondences sent to you. Acceptance letters may also be voided if any terms in this  agreement, or term otherwise mutually agreed to by both parties, are breached. Please note  Atlantic Station is private property and Organizer is under no obligation to invite a vendor to any  specific number of shows or any shows at all. That said, we want to make the market great, and  it's great vendors in the form of artists, crafters, creators & talented people of all sorts, like many  of you, who help us do that. Among other things we aim to have diversity in the products and  people who make the market great. 
  1. Upon acceptance to specific date(s) of the market, Vendor will be sent an acceptance letter specifying  the allowable time to make payment for said dates. Organizer reserves the right to make reasonable  changes to the for any particular Market date(s) with notice sent to the email on record for the Vendor.
  2. Vendor must remain open for business for all posted market hours (these will be sent with the  load in details for each market) and generally run 11am - 9pm on Saturday, Noon-7pm on  Sunday and certain applicable Fridays from 4pm - 10pm (hours may change for some weekends  with notice to email of record) – Vendor is prohibited from closing early unless pre-authorized by  the Organizer. Vendor agrees they will not close early or leave their space unattended (except  for quick necessities). 
  1. The vendor is responsible to provide and prepare their own tent(s) and display(s). Vendors may  not set up without a tent unless pre-approved to do so by the organizer (very rare). All tents must  be only WHITE or GRAY canopied and weighted (at least 35 lbs of weight per leg = 140 lbs of  weight) - markets will have wind and we will enforce this rule strictly for market safety. Failure to  comply with this requirement can result in vendor being denied the right to set up or asked to  pack up and leave. NO REFUND would be due to vendor in this event. Where available, and  only if available, as a service, organizer can provide a tent and/or weights for the vendor for a  service fee; this service may be availed easily on our website when checking out by adding the  relevant tent or weight service items needed to your shopping cart before checking out (they  have generally always been available, but we cannot guarantee as quantities are not  inexhaustible). In such event we would provide and setup and take down tents and/or weights for  the space you will occupy. 
  1. **Vendor must have tablecloths or coverings that cover their tables or display(s) to within 2  inches of the ground along the full breadth of all sides. Nothing should be visible under your table  or display from any side of the tent. We keep our market looking very clean.
  2. **For the safety of Vendors and Customers, the latest CDC guidance related to COVID protocols  should be implemented by Vendors whenever interacting with anyone at Atlantic Station. Please  do your best to be sure products are clean and sanitary. Hand sanitizer is required to be present  and visible in or attached to the tent at each vendors booth.  
  1. Vendors or their workers, associates, family, or anyone... may not attend and participate in the  market if they have developed symptoms indicative of COVID infection, or tested positive for the  same, or been exposed to someone with a confirmed or likely case of COVID within CDC  Guidelines latest exposure period. In the event they have previously had COVID, or currently do,  or have likely been exposed, vendor must wait full CDC Guidelines Isolation period AND additionally until after all symptoms have significantly improved/abated before returning to the  market. Vendor may return earlier, in some cases, with appropriate testing results in combination  with other factors. We will be very lenient in issuing refunds and honoring cancelations for those  complying with this rule. 
  1. While not an absolute requirement for every vendor it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that Vendor  bring appropriate white sidewalls for their tent, both to protect merchandise from inclement  weather and for wrapping up the tent overnight. The Organizers, Owners, and Managers of this  market assume no liability for products damaged or stolen from overnight stay or weather. No  Tarps, Sheets, or other wrappings or coverings may be used in place of appropriate sidewalls  without the approval of the Organizer (we can provide sidewalls (though we do not guarantee  their effective protection of your products/belongings) - they are a separate service item from the  tent service [they do not come with it] - this is generally offered on site). 
  1. Every setup must have a clean and tidy appearance - No boxes, containers, trash, extra stock,  unnecessary, or ancillary items of any sort are permitted to be visible after set-up time and  official market open; all such items must be placed under properly skirted/covered tables or  displays or removed to your vehicle or offsite, and 3 people max per booth (except during load in  and load out) 
  1. Vendor agrees to abide by the Atlantic Station code of conduct, available to be viewed at: 
  1. Load In generally occurs in a short time window about 120-90 minutes before market opens:  RECOMMENDED Vendor bring a hand truck/ dolly to get items to their space. Market is usually  located around Atlantic Green. Note While it may be tempting as it is closer to many booths,  parking on the light colored cement has not been allowed in the past, and you should NOT park  there unless you have been specifically guided to do so by the organizers. We generally park in  the blacktop/asphalt areas on East or West District Ave. and/or in loading zones on 18th or 19th  Steet as necessary. 
  1. Late Arrivals for Load-In may have lost their reserved space; if Vendor arrives beyond the  specified Load In Time they may or may not be able to pull their vehicle into the Market area as  loading zones close to vehicles at certain times, per agreements with Atlantic Station, and these  times sometimes vary. Details as to what time roads may close will generally be sent via Load-In  instructions the week of the show. Late arrivals for Load In may have to carry their set up from a  distance or from the parking garage - No Refunds will be available for late arrivals who are  unable to be fully set up in time for market open. If Vendor arrives with less than 30 minutes until  Market's official start time for that day, or the Vendor arrives with less time than it normally takes  them to get setup, the Organizer will have the right to refuse entry to the Vendor with no refund  or credit due for that Market day. If the Market that week is a multi-day event, and Vendor has  paid for other days, they will generally still be able to set up and sell on those days if they provide  the Organizer notice that they intend to do so as soon as is reasonably possible and at least 12  hours prior to the load in time for the day they have arleady paid for and plan to attend. If no such  notice is provided, the organizer reserves the right to offer the space to another Vendor for said  day(s). 
  1. After a vendor checks in they will have 15mins to unload their vehicle (NOT SET UP). As soon  as unloading is complete and BEFORE SET UP vendor vehicles must be moved to designated  parking. Vehicles will not be permitted to remain in or around the Load In area once unloading is  complete. 
  1. A Parking Voucher will be provided for one vehicle per booth per day at the end of the day. Once  you have checked in and unloaded items to your space, it's recommended to immediately  proceed to underground parking. Entrances can be found in many places including at the rear of  the property behind Regal Cinemas. Take a normal ticket when entering the parking deck, the  voucher can be applied to it later. 
  1. The Market is a rain or shine event. In rare cases with continual rain or known potentially  dangerous conditions the Organizer may call off the markets and issue rain checks (ONLY to  those Vendors present on site). No Refunds/Rain Checks will be given to no shows.
  2. Refunds requested by Vendor will only be issued if cancellation notice is sent to at least 72 hours before load-in time. 
  1. Application fees are non-refundable.  
  1. Artistic works or any vendor product or display may NOT contain any profanity or nudity (except  in certain tasteful artistic cases), nor any ethnic or religious slurs, nor any vulgar material or  subject matter subject to the discretion of the market organizer or Atlantic Station Management  (if you have a question about a certain piece of art or item - kindly ask) - All mannequins must be  clothed.
  2. Weapons, knives, swords and the like, or any item deemed dangerous, by Organizer or Atlantic  Station management, may not be sold or displayed. Illegal items, fraudulent, counterfeit, fake,  knock off items, or anything which violates trademark or copyright of any other entity or person,  cannot be sold. No open flames and no lit candles allowed.
  3. Liability Insurance is recommended for all vendors and mandatory for certain vendors and it is  the responsibility of the Vendor to procure the same. Earth and Sky Creations LLC (Organizer),  its agents or representatives and Atlantic Station and all its owners, partners, managers,  operators, employees, or contractors, are not responsible for any injury, damage, or loss that  may occur to the Vendor, the Vendor's agents, employees, clients, customers or representatives,  or Vendor’s property, from any cause whatsoever. Vendors are responsible to have or obtain  insurance at their own expense for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur at the Market,  including liability insurance.
  4. Vendors are responsible for obtaining any required licenses, permits or approvals from the state,  county or city as per laws applicable to their activity at the Market and for paying any taxes  (inclusive of sales tax) or fees or other charges that may be due or applicable.
  5. Sharing of booths amongst multiple businesses or Vendors is not allowed.
  6. No Smoking anywhere at Atlantic Station (except designated areas and garages)
  7. No loitering inside nearby restaurants or businesses unless you are buying something or actively  shopping at that business.
  8. No Power Generators allowed* - Power is generally available - Vendors must supply their own  extension cords as needed, as well as their own lights (50 ft outdoor cord may be needed).
  9. NOISE: Vendors may not operate or use any machines or devices which make excessive noise  (no excessively loud fans, no boomboxes, etc). Likewise vendors will not cause any form of  disturbance or otherwise make loud noise unnecessarily or play music in their booths (except  into headphones).
  10. Vendors or their workers or representatives are not permitted to walk around and solicit  customers beyond arm's reach of their booth or poach other vendor’s customers by trying to  divert them to their booth. Vendors may not carnival call to attract customers at a distance (more  than 12 feet from their booth) - generally speaking if they are looking at your booth and within 3  steps distance it is fine to greet them and engage.
  11. Load Out will happen 15 minutes after markets close - so there is no reason to pack up early. No  vehicles will be allowed in to Market area until that time. Vendor must have all items, displays,  and tents packed up neatly, cleared from the road and parking areas and ready for loading  BEFORE going to retrieve their vehicle. Vendors agree to stay open with products available until  official Market close (not 5 minutes before). We request all Vendors to be loaded out  approximately one hour after market close, allowing that some may take a bit longer. 
  12. Load Out time is limited to two hours. Vendor is responsible to ensure they have fully loaded out,  and removed from Market premises, all their products, displays, functional items, and all their  belongings no later than two hours after the event closes.
  13. TRASH: Each Vendor is responsible for removing their own trash. Make sure your area is clean  with no trash at all left behind, including cable ties, string and the like. Do Not stack boxes or  leave trash bags next to trash cans. Do not leave anything behind as all items are your  responsibility to remove (including broken displays, tents, chair and the like).
  14. NOTE On Photos/Video: The Organizer and Managers reserve the right to use, for promotion of  the market, any photos or video taken at the market, inclusive of photos or video of Vendor or  Vendor's workers, employees, products, displays etc. By agreeing to be part of the market you  agree that we may use all such photos or video as mentioned for promotion of the market in any  way we deem fit.
  15. Market Organizers or Managers may update, add to, or modify these rules at any time with  notice sent to the email on record for Vendor. It is Vendor's responsibility to remain aware of and  follow and abide by changes in rules and regulations. Updated Rules and Regulations will be  posted on our latest website (currently
  16. The Market Organizer, Earth and Sky Creations, LLC, reserves the right to remove any vendor  for breach of this agreement. The Market Organizer may require the Vendor to pack up and  leave the market premises at any time if any rules and/or regulations or procedures, stated  herein, and agreed to as indicated below, have been breached by the Vendor. No Refund will be  due to the vendor in such an event and future dates may also be canceled or invites withdrawn.
  17. The final clause - Let's all work together and help each other out to make it great; cooperation  and combined effort with positivity will guide our success! It's a wonderful market that we all have  created together!